Is having a website important for small businesses?

All these and many other questions you ask yourself have one common thing, and that is How?

  • You have started your own business?
  • You want to break ground on the market?
  • You want your business to be noticed?
  • You want to be profitable as mush as possible?
  • You want your small business to grow and expand?
  • You want to increase number of new clients?
website for small business
There are more and more available literature (books, e-books etc..) on the market. On internet alone, just by searching for these questions you will get hundreds of answers, but, do you still know How?

Truth is that real answer, definition or formula of success does not exist! All you can find are guidelines and ideas but what is most important is YOU, your energy that you invest and focus on development of your business, and yet again, the keyword you must count on is “TIME”. Many new business owners neglect time as a factor of success, which in some cases can be a deal breaker and also can lead to bankruptcy.

Modern, fast paced way of life and doing business requires a great amount of time. It is imperative that you set things right so time works for you and not against you. There are many studies that are dealing with organization of time (Time Management)


Managing time with efficiency is half of the success. When you achieve that, you will come to that question “How?”

From my experience in past two decades, working for small companies and also for large “serious” players I’ve noticed two very different paths or ways, to success and growth of those companies.
First way is to invest all your time during work hours and outside those hours in development and growth of your company, giving focus on quality of services you provide, meeting deadlines, listening and respecting your clients. Also, to have marketing as “from mouth to mouth” to be your only way of getting new deals and meeting clients face to face.
Second way is to use time and shortcuts of modern age and get to same results much faster. How?
There are multiple ways of doing this, for example, you can take more aggressive marketing approach using all available sources to reach out to your next client, like using television commercials, radio commercials, advertising on social media, advertising on websites for other companies, etc.. All this of course could put a lot of burden on your financial status as some of these methods aren’t cheap, and being at the very beginning of your business adventure, every penny counts..

In the end you ask yourself what to do and what would be best course of action to take toward achieving your business goals and growth of company while your budget is limited?

Answer to this and rest of questions we touched so far lies in a single word located right in the title of this post. “WEBSITE”

Having a website has become a standard of any serious business endeavor today. More than often you can hear and read online slogan “window to the world”. Website is exactly that in every way. 

With ease and for not such large amount of money you can make your company  present in digital world. Advantages of having website in relation to businesses that are still skeptic about this approach and prefer solely “mouth to mouth” business type are huge.

What will you gain? I won’t say here are some examples, but rather facts:

  • No matter if your business is providing service or merchandise – Having website will give more to credibility what you have to offer and will make your brand stand out as professional one.  
  • Increase your clients database – Your website will give you a chance to firstly establish contact with potential leads and later on to build on top of that and create long term relationship with your clients. With all this, you are increasing your clients database and also increasing list of references for any future clients to see. 
  • Time works for you – Leads will come to you without need of hiring someone to reach out to new clients by phone, email or simply going out on the field.
  • You are available 24/7 – You are available to any new leads even outside of your working hours, website contact forms, request for quote and online shops never stop for a brake. 
  • Staying ahead of your competition. Just by owning a website you can achieve head start on the market. Majority of services and products are being search for on internet. Also, probably most of your competitors already own a website. For ones that do not have website it is only a matter of time when they become available online too. In relation to them, you are already ahead and regarding competitor businesses that do own a website you can still be a leader online by making your website professional looking, having relevant and valuable content for your future clients to find, using proper SEO techniques to stand out from the crowd in searches etc.
  • There are no limits – Since internet connection is available pretty much on every place and on large variety of devices, your website and your business will become visible on global level. No matter if you are focused on growing your business locally, doors for making great deals and business opportunities are unlocked beyond your Country borders, and with that comes possibility to grow your business and profit much faster.

At the end, we can conclude that key for long term success of freshly started small business or looking to expand lies in two words that we have mentioned “HOW” and “TIME”. Make time and modern technologies work for you and not against you.

Website is definitely a unavoidable tool to make your business noticed, be competitive on the market, increase your clients database and have your profit grow. Isn’t this goal of every business owner?

If you are interested in expanding your small business by getting a website and making yourself available 24/7 to take on new clients, please don’t hesitate to contact us by filling in the form below and request free quote for your brand new online business identity!


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